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Until November 21, 2022, DnDArsenal is celebrating!

Our new logo!

From the beginning, we were looking for a way to build the identity of our young online shop. Today, we can finally unveil our brand new logo!

A unique gift with every order!


Our partnership with Arcana allowed us to create two very limited, illustrated monster sheets that were only available during the festival. 

From today until November 21st, everyone who places an order on DnDArsenal will receive one of these two illustrations which will never again be available in our shop. Orders over 200.- CHF receive both monster sheets with their order.

200.- CHF of miniatures!


We put into play 2 packs of 5 mystery boosters!
We will randomly select 2 people among those who will have placed an order between November 01 and November 21. 

Lots of new things!

Expect dozens of new products added over the days between now and November 21! Lots of new figurines, merch, accessories and of course, new dice! 

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