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Have you always been looking for a modular system to create detailed 3D environments that are always adaptable to your adventure? The Warlock Tiles system is exactly what you need!

With the Town and village: Town Square kit, you will be able to create breathtaking streets, squares and urban environments! 

- Stone street tiles (16)
- Slab sidewalk tiles (18)
- "Half-street" tiles (half street, half sidewalk) (16)
- Interior street corner tiles (8)
- Outside corner tiles of a street (4)
- Sidewalk tiles that turn left (3)
- Curving sidewalk tiles (3)
- Street tiles that turn left (3)
- Street tiles that turn right (3)
- Decorations of gratings and manhole covers (18)
- Sidewalk decorations (3)
- Street decorations (3)
- Floor lamps (3)
- Warlock EZ Clips (tips for tiles) (100)


Warlock Tiles - Town and village: Town Square

Out of Stock
  • Compatible with:
    - Open lock
    -Dragon Lock

    Scenery scale adapted to Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition (1 inch/box).

    Tile Size: 2 inches per  2 inches (2 squares by 2 squares)

    Made in China

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