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Have you been looking for a modular system to create detailed 3D environments that are always adaptable to your adventure? The Warlock Tiles system is exactly what you need!

With the Caves - Caverns Base Set you can create breathtaking natural caves!

8x – Cave floor 1 space

4x – Cave floor 2 spaces A

4x – Cave floor 2 spaces B

4x – Curved 3 square cave floor

4x – Cave floor 3 spaces

4x – Cave floor 5 spaces

4x – Cave floor 6 spaces

8x – Cave floor 8 spaces

2x – Simple cave wall

2x – Right Cave Wall Small

4x – Corner Cave Wall

6x – Curved Cavern Wall

6x – S-shaped cave wall

6x – Long straight cave wall

2x - Rock Mountain

2x - Rock 1

2x - Rock 2

4x - End of bridge

6x - end of bridge with grid

6x - end of bridge without grid

1x - broken bridge

WarLock Tiles: Caves - Caverns Base Set

  • Scenery scale adapted to Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition (1 inch/box).

    Tile size: 2 inches par 2 inches (2 squares by 2 squares)

    Made in China

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