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Explore the Witchlight carnival and Feywild like never before! This kit contains a fantastic dice set and is full of interesting information about the various characters, creatures and activities of the Witchlight carnival as well as the Feywild. This kit will allow you to add even more detail, realism and liveliness to all your sessions!

The Witchlight Carnival Dice & Miscellany [EN]



  • This kit contains:

    11 dice in total including:
    2 20-sided dice
    4 6-sided dice
    1 4-sided die
    1 8-sided die
    1 10-sided die
    1 dice percentile
    1 12-sided die

    19 illustrated cards containing information on various characters, activities and creatures that can be found at the Witchlight carnival.

    A magnificent box lined with felt that can be used as 2 dice trays.

    A carnival map with an illustration on the back.

    Dimensions of the card: 27cm x 40cm.

    Language: English

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