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Ideal for those who want to be able to take their dice everywhere and those who are short on space, these mini-dice measure at most 1 centimeter in diameter.

Metal dice are acclaimed by all who are lucky enough to have them. Their very pleasant weight ensures that each throw is marked with the appropriate impact that a heroic deed deserves. Beware of glass tables and fragile woods, these dice could damage them. We recommend that you give them a dice tray.


This gold-colored set of dice is polished maintaining sharp and precise angles. These very elegant dice have an extraordinary feel to them.

Mini metal dice set: gold



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  • All of our metal dice are hefty and have angles that can mark surfaces. We therefore recommend to always roll them on resistant surfaces or in dice trays. You can find them in our assortment.

    The metal used to make these dice may rust if exposed to corrosives or water. We therefore recommend that you always keep them dry.

    To wash your metal dice set, we recommend that you use lukewarm water and mild soap, then quickly dry each dice. We do not recommend the use of solvents which may erase the ink from the numbers.

    Be careful not to roll or store your dice with resin, wood, glass or stone dice. They could indeed damage them. We advise you to always keep them separate from other dice, in a bag or dice vault.

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