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Glass dice are extraordinary and very pleasant to roll, especially due to their weight but also by the incomparable touch and captivating beauty ...


Prismatic glass shines brightly, while the frosted surface gives them an incomparable touch. These dice become a real rainbow in the light.


The numbers are engraved in the glass and then inked, this brings an incomparable touch of elegance and ensures that over time, the ink remains exactly as on the first day.


Note that it is important to roll this kind of dice on protected surfaces (dice trays for example), in order to prevent their angles from deteriorating over time.


Frosted prismatic glass dice set

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  • Glass dice need to be rolled on protected surfaces. It is important to use dice trays that are made of soft materials, such as leather, cardboard or fabric.

    You will find on our site a whole series of accessories that will allow you to make your stone dice last so that they remain perfect even after several thousand throws.

    To wash your glass dice, it is important to use lukewarm water and to avoid the use of any solvent or soap.

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