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Discover the most magical dice we have to offer: our Elixir series. These dice contain a liquid core and become real snow globes with each throw.

This particular set combines the elegance of silver with the warmth of the deep yellow core. Its precise angles and hand-polished faces give it a look of wonder.

Due to the process of making these dice, a small air bubble usually floats in the liquid core. This is quite normal and should not alter the balance of your dice.

Elixir of Luck Dice Set



Out of Stock
  • The resin used to make these dice is of excellent quality, so they normally do not require any maintenance.

    However, we do not recommend keeping them in a dice bag. This set will be sent to you in a protective box and we advise you to keep them there. Other boxes can also do the trick very well, but to protect the quality of their edges, it is best to avoid them colliding, espacially with other dice.

    The best way to wash these dice is to use lukewarm water and mild soap. Better to avoid the use of solvents, these could erase the ink from the numbers.

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