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After the death of one of your friends, you decide to move heaven and earth to bring him back to life. Once your quest is completed, your companion comes back to life. The years pass and suddenly a curse falls on him ...

But this time, no way to recover his soul which is mysteriously trapped in a necromantic artefact!

Even stranger: this curse seems to affect all those who have once been awakened from their eternal rest ... Your group of adventurers decides to go and investigate this atrocity, and all clues lead you to Chult, an enigmatic land where nature has taken back its rights. There, under the ruins of ancient kingdoms, a macabre tomb awaits our heroes ... This adventure follows players from level 1 to level 11.

The Tomb of Annihilation (FR)



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  • Weight: 0.988 kg

    Dimensions: 216 x 274 x 12mm

    Format: Hardcover, 257 pages, location map included

    Publisher: Wizards of the coast

    Language: French

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