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Discover Ravenloft and the Curse of Strahd fully thanks to this complete kit. Containing an adventure-specific game master screen, letters to give to your players, an adventure brochure, monsters and tarot cards as beautiful as they are terrifying, this set will allow you to be fully immersed in this dark and mysterious world!

Curse of Strahd - Premium Kit [FR]

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  • This kit contains:

    1x The Curse of Strad, separated into three booklets (1 adventure booklet for characters of level 1-10, 1 booklet containing the creatures of the adventure and 1 explanatory booklet of the tarot deck.

    1 image of the Count Strahd von Zarovich with his statistics on the back.

    1 special game master screen for adventure.

    1 poster format map containing on one side Barovia and on the other the castle of Ravenloft.

    4 letters to distribute in-game to your players.

    54 tarot cards.

    1 box to put tarot cards.

    12 postcards officially inviting friends to play.

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