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It is a difficult age: the people are poor and starving, the nobility and the bourgeoisie compete for the favors of an ever more powerful church, and in the shadows, the great families of crime are waging a secret war. Censorship is everywhere, science is outlawed, the republic a forgotten heresy, and many are turning to organized crime...

This is the path you have chosen. From now on, you are an outlaw, a prowler, a thief, or one of those beggars who haunt the sordid corners of the Principality. Ready for anything, maybe you will be the flame that will rekindle the disappointed hopes of betrayed generations?

Nightprowler kit

CHF 115.00 Regular Price
CHF 99.00Sale Price
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  • You will recieve:
    1x Nightprowler 2nd Manual (EN)
    1x Nightprowler 2nd Game Master Sreen (FR)
    1x Nightprowler 2nd Atlas of Bejofa

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