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These miniatures from the Icons of the Realms (Storm King's Thunder) collection are ideal for any group of adventurers following the Storm King's Thunder book quest or for any gamemaster looking for new, already painted miniatures.

This kit also contains a host of different giants as well as half-human, half-serpent creatures (the Yuan-ti), making it perfect for any group wanting to venture into the mountains or ancient jungles of the world. Each booster randomly contains 4 miniatures (1 large, 3 small) among the multitude of creatures present in the Storm King's Thunder adventure.
Also containing mind devourers, bandits and human figurines, this pack will prove to be very useful for all game masters!

IOTR - Storm King's Thunder Booster



  • This pack contains:


    One large miniature and 3 small from the Storm King's Thunder pack


    All of these miniatures are made for a 28mm playing system. (1 inch squares, e.g .: Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition)

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