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These markers are perfect for drawing on Chessex Battlemats and Megamats. Erasable with water, they allow you to draw in a few moments the contours of the environment in which the combat will take place.

Erasable Markers for Battlemats - Pack of 6



Out of Stock
  • By purchasing this pack you receive:

    - 1x original plastic box
    - 1x black felt pen
    - 1x brown felt pen
    - 1x green felt pen
    - 1x blue felt pen
    - 1x red felt pen
    - 1x orange felt pen

    These markers are bevelled and have a line thickness of 1 to 2.5mm. The ink is water soluble.

    Brand: Staedtler
    Series: Lumocolor non-permanent

  • It is important to wash your battlemat or megamat promptly (with lukewarm water) after use. If the ink leaves stains, you can use white vinegar.

    If you want to use stronger solvents, always test the product in a discrete area first to verify that the product does not erase the grid lines and colors of your battlemat / megamat.

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