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Battlemaps have been recognized for years as an essential accessory for any gamemaster. Double-sided, on one side a stone floor usable for a town, dungeon or cave, on the other a natural outdoor area useful to represent a forest floor or a grassy plain.

This foldable and easy to carry cardboard map can become the ground for thousands of different fantastic fights. With a simple drawing of the right pen you can draw the contours of a river, a fort and trees to create the site of an unexpected ambush.

After the fight, it only takes a little water and a rag to erase all traces of ink.

This battlemap measures 63 by 53 cm and is suitable for most fights.

D&D Adventure Grid



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  • Using the right pens is essential! We recommend the pens that you can find on our website. That is to say, the Non-permanent series Lumocolor by Staedtler which can be erased with water. This battlemap is also made to be compatible with whiteboard pens.

    It is important to wash your battlemap as soon as possible after use, to prevent the ink from being difficult to erase. If this should happen, then just use white vinegar to get rid of the stains.

  • Dimensions:

    63cm x 53cm

    Material: cardboard

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