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This pack of kobolds is ideal for a low-level encounter, or an adventure focused on small creatures with various traits. The Tremula clan is valiant and proud. They will offer your adventurers the opportunity to overcome many challenges rich in history and intense in combat. Plus, it will be easier for you as the game master to know which creature is which if they are all different!

Kobolds Clan



  • Miniatures at 28mm scale, ideal for role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.

    These figurines were 3D printed by us.

    Package contents:

    - 1x Chef Kobold
    - 1x Kobold Scout
    - 1x Shaman Kobold
    - 1x Assassin Kobold
    - 1x Kobold Warrior
    - 1x Kobold Hunter
    - 1x Archer Kobold

    Material: Resin

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