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A perfect tool for any gamemaster wanting to lead a group through the adventure "Waterdeep: Dragon Heist", this screen will allow you to immerse your players in the streets of Waterdeep! On the side of the screen for the game master you will find practical information necessary for the adventure, without having to search too much in the book or on your computer.

The different tables inside the screen describe:
- The Waterdeep Criminal Code
- A table of examples of "Scenes in the city"
- A table listing the taverns, inns and guesthouses to visit in Watedeep.

- A table of "things to find", containing in particular stolen objects and the various newspapers of the city.


In French!

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist DM screen [FR]



Out of Stock
  • Dimensions:
    - folded: 22cm x 27.5cm
    - open: 22cm x 110cm


    Publisher: Wizards of the coast


    In French !

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