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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

General information

« DnDArsenal » belongs to « Unknown Echoes Schneider », hereby designated as « Unknown Echoes»


The general terms and conditions (hereby designated « GTC ») apply to all the merchandise offered by  « DnDArsenal» whether it be through the website (designated as « »), by mail (designated as « »).

DnDarsenal has the right to modify the GTC at any given time. In the event of a litigation, the GTC valid at the time of the contract signing is applied.


DnDArsenal is not affiliated in any way with « Wizards of the Coast », their products are used within the fan content policy of Wizards of the Coast. Wizards of the Coast is in no way responsible for the services offered by DnDArsenal.



The Merchandise encompasses all products and articles that DnDArsenal sells through their website and at all events or sessions organized by Unknown Echoes. It is not possible to cobtest an article or product if it has no been baught by the contestant.



The merchendise offered by DnDArsenal ore for  moral people and particulars.




Our services and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the website and within limit of our available stock. Modifications of our services and prices are possible at any time, the sale contract is valid.


Our promotional offers are only valid within their dates of validity.



The prices are displayed in Swiss francs (CHF), the tax on the value (TVA) is already added.


The final price indicated on the contract is valid.

Droit d'annulation

Unknown Echoes can at any given time and without any justification, cancel a service or providing of a product. However, the client must be informed, and any payment already made for the service cancelled will be refunded in the 30 days following the cancellation.


Annulation et retard


An established and validated sale cannot be returned by the client if the return delay (given during the sale of the


After this delay, no form of reimboursment will be given to the client.

Return fees are at the clients expense unless the order recieved is wrong, or if the product is dammaged. These situations will be examined case by case.

If you have a problem, contact our client service.


The delivery address of the physical or moral person must be in a contry where the Swiss postal service can deliver.

​For special demands, an estimate must be provided by DnDArsenal before validation of the order.


The times in which products will be delivered are indicated on the website. These times are only indicative. DnDArsenal does not guarantee delivery or order times.


No delivery can be made on Sundays or official holidays.


The delivery will be done through « La Poste Suisse SA ». Depending on the size of the package, it will be placed in a mail or milk box. If the package is too large, a withdrawal notice will be set in the mailbox. The client will have the responsibility of withdrawing their package at the post office indicated on the withdrawal notice.

DnDArsenal cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered through delivery. If the product is damaged through delivery, the client must note his complaint at the moment of delivery and contact our client services.


Frais de livraison

Delivery fees are variable. They depend on the volume, weight, place of delivery and the total value of the parcel.


Garantie et Réclamation

If the products delivered are damaged, the client can ask for a replacement or a refund. The client must warn DnDArsenal by mail of the issue. After a confirmation from DnDArsenal, the client can send the article back. The way of return will be determined with the confirmation. The postal fees will be paid by DnDArsenal.



All payments must be done in Swiss Francs.


Payment methods

The accepted online payment methods are credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express) or debit cards such as « Postcard ».

Payment by PayPal or Twint is also possible.


For different payments, a request must be sent to the email adress « ». Each request will be examined individually in order to find an agreement between the client and DnD Arsenal.


Protection des données

The data provided by clients will only be used within Unknown Echoes. They will be in no case divulged or shared excepted with competent authorities who can ask for them for legal reasons.

Unknown Echoes will use your data only in cases of law:


  • The execution of a contact concluded with you


  • The respect of a legal obligation

Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

The Swiss material law is applicable


The place of jurisdiction is Lausanne

Contact and client services


If you have a question, if you would like a precision concerning our General Terms and Conditions or if you have a question regarding any aspect of DnDArsenal, you can contact us by phone at  +41 (0)78 841 11 47 or by email at


DnDArsenal does not provide a legal documentation interpretation service for our documents such as the General Terms and Conditions.

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